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PLEASE NOTE: As a result of the planned industrial strike action impacting Parcelforce services on Friday 30th September and Saturday 1st October 2022 we are expecting some delays in deliveries which may mean that not all orders are received “next day”. Despite our very best efforts it is inevitable that there will be some small delays outside of our control and we appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

Surge Protection Devices (SPD's)

Zetmet Limited now offer a selection of Schneider Surge Protection Devices (SPD’s) online at discounted prices. SPD’s are the latest development in the circuit protection sector. They are used to protect the electrical installation from transient overvoltages.

A good example of this is a lighting strike. These can cause an increase in voltage from 230V up to 6kV, resulting in damage to electronic components such as processors, screens and memory. However, a surge protection device is able to damp the spike down. This helps reduce or even prevent damage to your valuable possessions.