Schneider’s most recent innovation: Acti 9 PoN (Plug-on Neutral)

If you are looking for an upgrade of your electrical circuit breaker and using the latest distribution board, the Schneider Acti 9 PoN (Plug-on Neutral) perfectly fits the bill. This product comes in a neat white finish and is recommended for the more recent distribution board range only.

The unique selling points of the Acti 9 PoN (Plug-on Neutral)

The Acti 9 PoN (Plug-on Neutral) is regarded as the most recent innovation from the house of Schneider and stands out as it is easy and quick to install. This is made possible primarily due to the absence of earth wires and functional neutral.

The other unique selling point is that the Acti9 Isobar P RCBOs helps user utilize integrated technologies to gauge the energy usage and health of the distribution board in real-time.

Product dimensions

The product dimensions of the Acti9 iC60 RCBO are: 110mm x 18mm x 72mm (height x width x depth). Please note that this product also comes with a warranty of 18 months.

Product features

Let us now take a look at the features of the Acti 9 PoN (Plug-on Neutral)

  1. This circuit breaker application is for the distribution of power.
  2. The curve mode is the C type curve mode.
  3. This electrical circuit breaker is for Alternating Current ( AC) on 50 to 60 Hz network frequency.
  4. The pole description is 1P + Ns.
  5. The earthing system is the TN earthing system. In a TN earthing system, a point in the generator or transformer is connected with the earth via the earth connection, which is in the generator/transformer.
  6. The earth leakage or a safety mechanism to detect small stray voltage stuck in metal spaces and prevent excessive current flow is type A with an instantaneous protection time delay. The earth leakage sensitivity for the Acti 9 PoN circuit breaker is 30 mA.
  7. The Acti 9 PoN circuit breaker’s breaking capacity is 10000 A Icn at 240 V AC and on 50/60 Hz frequency while adhering to IEC 61009-2-2 environment standard. This is the highest voltage that can flow through the breaker when a short circuit occurs to the point a short circuit is cleared without any permanent destruction in the circuit board.
  8. The (in) rated current is 10 A at 50 °C.
  9. This product will last you for a long as it has a mechanical endurance of 20,000 cycles and electrical endurance of 5000 cycles.

Conforming to international standards and rules

First things first, the Acti 9 PoN (Plug-on Neutral) is a premium green product complaint with most international standard and environmental rules like the BS EN 61009-1, IEC 61009-2-2 and IEC 61009-1. It is also compliant with REACh regulations and EU RoH. The Acti 9 PoN (Plug-on Neutral) can also adapt to different external conditions. The surrounding temperature for operation ranges between minus 15 to 60 degree Celsius, while the temperature for storage ranges between minus 40 to 85 degree Celsius.

Lastly, remember you should not dispose of this product in waste bins but follow disposal rules and dispose of it in European Union markets.