Why you should opt for Schneider iC60H circuit breakers (curve B, C, D)

The Schneider Acti 9 iC60H circuit breakers are an improvement from the older Merlin Gerin C60H RCBOs. Merlin Gerin was acquired by Schneider in 1992 and is now known as Schneider Electric UK. The iC60H circuit breakers were manufactured to replace Merlin Gerin C60H RCBOs. 

Acti 9 Isobar and Isobar P distribution boards

The standout feature of the iC60H circuit breakers is the Acti 9 Isobar and P distribution boards, which reduces the installation time by around 50 per cent. It also allows you to gauge the energy usage and health of the breaker panel or electric panel (distribution board) in real-time. This innovation delivers unmatched productivity while guaranteeing reliability and safety. 

Functions of the iC60H circuit breakers

iC60H circuit breakers perform the following functions:

  1. Every time a circuit tripping happens, it is indicated by a red mechanical indicator located at the circuit breaker’s front face.
  2. This product is a multi-standard electrical circuit breaker and is ideal for industrial isolation while adhering to IEC/EN 60947-2, standard.
  3. It safeguards against current overload.
  4. It protects the distribution board and your appliances against short circuits.

Other key features of the iC60H circuit breakers

  1.  Just below the red mechanical indicator, there a green strip that allows opening the contacts physically. It also allows the operation to be carried out in the downstream circuit without any risks.
  2. It has insulated terminals IP20.
  3. There is a double clip for dismounting with the busbar and comb in place.
  4. It works both on Alternating and Direct Current.

Increased product service life

iC60H circuit breaker guarantees longer product service life because:

  1. It delivers overvoltage resistance because of its high industrial performance approach. A few key factors that add it is the insulation voltage, and rated impulse withstand voltage and pollution degree.
  2. It has a high-performance limitation.
  3. It has a bottom or top electrical feeding.

The four types of iC60H circuit breakers

There are four types of iC60H circuit breakers. Type 1P weighs 125 grams, 2P- 250 grams, 3P- 375 grams, and 4P-500 grams.

Main characteristics

Let us now take a look at some of the main characteristics of the iC60H circuit breaker.

  1. The insulation voltage is 500 V AC
  2. The rate impulse voltage withstand is 6Kv
  3. The reference temperature for thermal tripping is 50 degree Celsius.
  4. The magnetic tripping has three curves-B, C, and D.
  5. The utilization category is A.
  6. The limitation class is 3 according to IEC/EN 60898-1.
  7. The rated making and breaking capacity of an individual pole is Icn1=Icn.

Additional characteristics

  1. The degree of protection for the device only is IP20, and the degree of protection in a modular enclosure is IP40.
  2. The breaking capacity for 1 pole is 10 for voltage upto 72 V DC, while the breaking capacity for 4 poles is 10 KA for voltage from 220 to 250 V DC.
  3. It has a mechanical endurance of 20,000 cycles and electrical endurance of 10,000 cycles.
  4. The overvoltage category (IEC 60364) is category 4.
  5. The storage temperature is minus 40 degree Celsius to 85 degree Celsius, and the operating temperature is minus 35 degree Celsius to 70 degree Celsius.