Why use a Schneider Acti 9 SEE (iKQE)

The Schneider Acti 9 range is an intelligent choice when it comes to electrical circuit breakers. It is considered the most energy-efficient system for distributing power and the safest and the simplest to install. Each Schneider RCBO has all short circuit and earth leakage protection elements and RCD/MCB mixing overload in one pole. 

The Acti 9 SEE (iKQE) range fits both old and new distribution boards and is meant to replace the Square D KQE range. 

As one of the most renowned household names in circuit protection, Schneider has other ranges apart from the Acti 9 range. They are the Easy 9, Resi 9, and Multi 9. Many of these circuit breakers are a replacement for their older Square D and Merlin Gerin counterparts.

Product dimensions

The dimension for the Acti 9 SEE (iKQE) electrical circuit breaker are 93mm x 18mm x 70mm (height x width x depth).

Product details

  • The Acti 9 SEE (iKQE) is manufactured by Schneider and is a direct replacement for KQE132B03.
  • The part code is SEE132B03.
  • The Amperage rating or Ampacity is 32 Amp. This is the maximum current that a conductor can transfer for a period of use without exceeding its temperature rating.
  • The tripping capacity is 30mA.
  • The voltage rating is 230 V.

Benefits of the Acti 9 range

  1. The Acti 9 range is a result of research and innovation of more than 40 years of experience. It combines five generations of industry experience and 22 new patents making it the new reference in low voltage circuit protection. As such, the Acti 9 range is loaded with innovation.
  2. It is 100 per cent safe for electricians installing it.
  3. It protects all applications. It even operates in polluted environment and networks while delivering enhanced continuity of service along with uncompromised safety. A simple example is the VisiTrip that finds out any faulty outgoes. 
  4. It also offers high-level protection against electric shocks because of the ample clearance between internal parts and breaker surfaces. It is more than double the industry standard. 
  5. It is regarded as the best choice for commercial and industrial facilities.
  6. The Acti 9 range is safer on site as it has an integrated interlock that prevents the switch isobar disconnector from operating without an outgoing device fixed.
  7. It has a fast closing mechanism that ensures long service life by limiting wear and tear and voltage drops. This also helps prevent overheating and premature ageing of equipment.
  8. Electrical waste can be hazardous to the environment, and disposing it can be a challenge. However, with the Acti 9 range, you would not need to worry as the components are 100 per cent recyclable and recoverable.
  9. Acti 9 range has meaningful part numbers, which makes it easy to choose.
  10. A single product in the Acti 9 range has two certifications. It complies with IEC/EN 898 (tertiary) and IEC/EN 947 (industrial) standard, therefore stamping its authority as the perfect equipment for industrial applications.