The Working of Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs

The full form of RCBO is Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent. It is obvious that RCBOs are responsible for protecting circuits against the residual current, in other words, earth leakages. Also, the other aspect of the RCBOs is protection from overcurrent. Thus, it has the dual function of a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) and Residual Current Device (RCD). For such purposes, there is no better product in the market than Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs.

These RCBOs are a favourite among electrical contractors. Also, the Acti 9 RCBOs are among the safest and most flexible modular systems. It is compact and easy to use. At Electrical Discounted Supplies, you can buy a many different variety of Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs such as the A9F54440.

To understand the working of Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs, we first need to know to analyze the faults.

The Two Faults

  • The Issue of Residual Current

This type of fault arises whenever there is a break in the electrical circuit. The cause could be anything such as electrical wiring done in a poor manner. For instance, if you were to break through the cable while drilling the wall to hang a picture. When such things happen, the current chooses the easiest way to flow through. In our case, it is through the drill which might cause an electric shock to the person.

  • The Problem of Overcurrent

The issue exists in two ways, namely Overload and Short Circuit.

Overload: It takes place when the same electrical circuit is carrying a load of more devices than it can handle. The reason is when Overload takes place, and the cable ends up carrying an amount of current that is more than its holding capacity.

Short Circuit: The problem arises when live and neutral parts come into direct contact with each other. It leads to the rushing of electricity in a loop through the circuit. Not only that, since the current surges through the circuit in a loop, it rises and amplifies exponentially.

How does the Acti 9 RCBOs Work?

The Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs provide protection and safety from the two mentioned faults.

We take into account the first fault, that is, Residual Current. The fault also goes by the name Earth Leakages. Schneider designed Acti 9 RCBOs in a way that allows the transfer of electrical current or provides a breakage. It is so in order to open the channel for the surging current to pass through. It happens when a load of current reaches a specified level.

What is special about Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs is that it is among the safest product and are of the best quality. Thus, allowing for a safe breakage of the circuit.

With short-circuiting, the Schneider Acti 9 RCBO will cut off the demand of the power upon reaching a fixed level. It is natural to witness Overload when it comes to short circuits in a system. Either way, it causes a breakage in the electrical circuit. Keep in mind that a short circuit is a lot more dangerous and causes more damage compared to Overload. Thus, if the RBCO does not prevent the surge, the cables will melt, causing fires. The Acti 9 range of RCBOs protects people and appliances, along with their properties.