Square D RCBOs

In today’s age, the world runs on electricity. Circuit breakers are essential since it is dangerous to use electricity without them. We might also argue that electricity, as we know it, will not work efficiently without circuit breakers.

With an ongoing and unstable supply of current, we will not be able to fuel our homes. Circuit breakers regulate the flow of electricity by blocking any current that might endanger the breaker’s protection or work. And that is where Square D comes in. Square D RCBOs are among the best in the market. The breakers are reliable and a go-to for many buyers.

Square D RCBOs: A Pioneer in Electrical Systems

Square D is Schneider’s Flagship brand. It is among the leading producers of RCBOs and modular systems. The Square D brand introduced the QQ circuit breakers line in 1995. And it quickly became a market leader in the industry of electrical circuit systems.

On the other hand, Square D sold most of its market in the 1920s to concentrate on circuit breakers and safety switches. They raised public awareness about the dangers of electricity and started making various circuit breakers for commercial and residential use. Since 1836, Square D’s parent company, Schneider Electric, supplied developers with electrical devices. So, it is safe to say that they know what they are doing.

Square D is a big player in the breaker industry, both residential and industrial. It offers different types of circuit breaker lines, each with its own set of uses and features. When choosing a circuit breaker, it is crucial to think about how you can make use out of it. And it is essential when removing one or doing repair or maintenance on one.

RCBO: What is it?

In short, an RCBO (Residual Circuit Breaker with Over-Current) is a system that provides dual protection. It protects against current overload and short-circuiting issues. One can make use of the term “overcurrent” to define these issues. The RCBO also defends against leakages caused by earth currents.

Square D RCBOs allow breakage in the circuit on its own when it detects an unstable electric charge. It takes place in the area between the circuit supply and conductor. As a result, the system aids in the resolution of such issues.

Overcurrent or leakage problems, for example, cause RCBOs to trip the electric circuit. It protects not only people’s homes but also the equipment and appliances.

Square D RCBOs: The Best and Safest for Your Homes

There are two types of currents: residual and overcurrent. The residual current, which is better known as earth leakage, occurs when a circuit breaks due to an accident. It is usually the product of a novice’s wiring errors. And it might lead to deadly electric shock if not handled properly.

Overcurrent, on the other hand, may result from a short circuit or an overload. And it will not be able to support many electrical devices. As a result, it can surpass the circuit’s max power. A poor circuit resistance may also cause it to trip. Thus, the RCBOs by Square D aims to protect the home from these two types of electrical faults.