Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs: iC60

Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs are the most simple and the safest modular systems for the division of electrical power systems. It appears that efficiency is key when it comes to Acti 9 RCBOs. Schneider has a lot of varieties of RCBOs under the production line of Acti 9. A few of them are iC60, iKQE, and so on. Thus, in this article, we are going to focus on the iC60 variety of modular systems. But the main focus will remain on the features of the iC60 RCBOs.

The iC60 is one of the latest editions of Acti 9 RCBOs in the arsenal of Schneider Electrics. It provides detailed protection and safety. Also, the iC60 has a safe process of an electrical circuit. It does that by making use of a trigger that trips once there are any imbalances in the circuit of the modular system. Thus, the Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs iC60 version offers protection from over surge of current. Also, it detects any kind of short circuits due to leakages.

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Features of Acti 9 iC60 RCBOs

The iC60 variant of Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs is a type of all-in-one residual electrical circuit. The circuit breaker offers complete and overall security for the circuits as a whole. Below are listed a few of the most important features of the RCBO.

  • Being an RCBO, its most inherent feature is its functionality. That is, the device offers protection and safety against all types of short circuits. Also, it manages any surge or overload of current in the electric cables.
  • As mentioned earlier, Schneider makes the safest devices. Acti 9 iC60 is one such example. The RCBO protects workers against any kind of direct or indirect electric shocks. Guaranteed safety is one of the reasons it is a fan favorite of many homes.
  • Not only does it protect people from shocks, but iC60 also safeguards electrical tools and appliances. It is because the RCBO prevents any type of fires that may result from current leakages in the circuit.
  • As far as a single-phase iC60 goes, it has a unique feature. That is, even after the device trips in Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs, the neutral still remains the same. Thus, the feature makes it possible to use iC60 RCBOs in most of the circuits. But, there is an exception. One cannot employ this RCBO in systems that have either IT or TT earthing.

Benefits of Schneider Acti 9 iC60 RCBO

Apart from its features, iC60 comes with a lot of benefits.

  • For the purpose of dismounting the RCBO, there is a clocking clip.
  • The iC60 comes with IP20 Insulated terminals.
  • It has the feature of fast closing that has no relation with the toggle speed of actuation.
  • The Acti 9 iC60 RCBO has a push button for testing purposes.
  • Besides, remote indications are available. For example, you have the benefit of having auxiliary contacts, which are optional.
  • One of the top benefits that it provides is that it is a padlocking device.
  • Not to forget, the Visi-Trip window. The front side has a red indicator that signals any type of fault tripping.