Reasons Why Consumer Unit Keeps Tripping

A fuse box or consumer unit as they go by today is a vital safety feature within any home. This gadget is designed to protect your property and you against electrical hazards like shock and fire. It features RCDs protection which operates by monitoring the electrical current and instantly switching off the circuit in case of any detected error.

Once this happens, your consumer unit will immediately trip and turn off the electricity. Once you’ve sorted out the problem, you can then turn on the consumer unit. There are many reasons why consumer units keep on tripping; here, we will cover three main consumer unit tripping causes.

There is a Faulty Electrical Item

The main reason behind consumer unit tripping is faulty electrical gadgets. This can either be a larger electrical system like a fridge, washing machine, tumble dryer, or even your small devices, including iron, bedside lamp, or your hair straighteners. Once you identify which item is causing the consumer unit trip, it must be switched off and get an electrician to have a look at the device.

If you are not very sure on which item is responsible for the trip, you can try them out separately. Also, seize from using the faulty electrical device until it has been repaired.

You have a Faulty Circuit

The other reason for consumer unit tripping is when an electrical circuit within the property becomes faulty. This can either be a circuit that leads to the property’s lighting or the plug sockets. These are mainly controlled by the circuit breakers within the fuse box. Once the circuit breaker shuts off the specific circuit, a professional electrician can help you in rectifying the problem.

Your wiring is wrong

Constant tripping is an indication that your wiring is not up-to-date and cannot cope with the electrical demand of your modern living, which includes the need to use the TV, phone charger, and washing machine all at ago. If your electrics have not been checked for a long time, then it’s possible they may not adhere to the recommended standards and needs to be upgraded immediately.

It’s vital to ensure you have a standard wiring system. This will give the consumer unit a chance to work properly without having to trip often. It’s also important that you choose a consumer unit from reliable sellers. Some of the units in the current market are not up to standard and can end up malfunctioning instead of offering the right services.

How can you prevent Circuit Overloads?

To manage and control circuit overloads that can lead to your consumer unit tripping, make sure you place all large appliances separately. If you notice a regular circuit overload in your home, for example, in the kitchen, you will have to install a new circuit and socket that can handle the electrical load.


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