Factors Affecting the Cost of Consumer Unit Upgrade

A consumer unit regulates the electrical supply in your home. The fuse box needs to be upgraded every 25 years, so if you’re living in an old house, you need it inspected by a certified electrician. Even so, it’s important to check the electrical panel on a regular to ensure it’s working efficiently.

If your fuse box is constantly tripping or you have a power outage, it’s time to replace it. The cost of replacing your consumer unit will depend on various factors. Let’s delve right in.

Size of Consumer Unit

The size of your fuse box will come into play when you’re planning for an upgrade. You need to know the amps you’ll need for the entire house as different rooms may require separate fuse boxes. Knowing the amps needed, puts you in an excellent position to know the type of consumer unit to go for.

A huge house with many electrical appliances will require a large electrical panel than a small house. If you’re going for a 120-volt or 240volt electrical panel, it will majorly depend on the outlets you have in your house. At Electrical Discounted Supplies provides various LIVE consumer units and enclosures at affordable prices.

The Kind of Consumer Unit Needed to be Installed

It’s important to know the type of electrical panel your home needs for replacement. Failure to do this, you can lose a huge amount of money in the upgrading process. Breaker panels are usually on the high end when compared to fuse panels. This is because the breaker panels are a better place to protect your home from fires.

Furthermore, their cost will also depend on your location, current age and nature of your fuse panel. If you’re going for a type that would require tons of wiring and studs, it will increase the overall cost of installation. Other things can affect the cost. A certified electrician will break it down for you.

Upgrading the Existing Wires

If your consumer unit has surpassed the 15-year mark, you need to upgrade it. The panel can be outdated in terms of wiring and thus would cause the upgrading to be higher. The wiring needs to follow the updated set of regulations. This means more material would be used at this juncture, thereby increasing the cost.

You can talk to Electrical Discounted Supplies, who are in a better position to advise you what type of wiring you need for your electrical panel. They will factor in a lot of features like the number of circuits and circuit breakers in your house. As such, determine the nature of wiring in your electrical panel.


Upgrading your electrical panel is crucial, especially if it is old and outdated. Various factors will affect the cost of the project, as mentioned above. Talking to certified installers like Electrical Discounted Supplies will go a long way in ensuring you only select the suitable electrical panel for your house. Reach out to us today at 01925814404 for a quote on metal enclosures or more information about the consumer unit.