Things To Do When Changing A Consumer Unit

You’re in dire need of changing your consumer unit. As a homeowner, it’s imperative to consider certain factors before changing the fuse box. Incorporating such factors will put you in the best position to pick the right LIVE Electrical consumer unit from Electrical Discounted Supplies. Here are factors you should consider when changing a consumer unit.

Conducting an Electrical Installation Condition Report

The electrical contractor you hire will encourage you to have this report before any replacement is done. It will ascertain the set regulations are met. It helps you to pick the right design and various protective devices for the new fuse box.

It’s important to know the level of security needed under BS7671. It will help you design the BS7671 requirements, expectations, and budget. You wouldn’t have to go overboard or be more onerous than the needed requirement.

Planning for Future Changes

It’s expected that you can shift from an original plan you had for your consumer unit. It’s therefore imperative to give space to future changes rather than react to it. It will help you not to waste a lot of time later in the project. It’s therefore wise to choose a consumer unit that will, on the onset, have room for future changes.

The unit you go for can have room for an additional circuit layout. For example, if you’re planning to get a 10-way consumer unit, it’s wise to pick a 12 or 15-way consumer unit to leave room for future changes.

Important Circuit Plus Circuit Separation

It’s always important to zero down which circuit requires circuit separation for maximum protection. It is also important to separate high priority to prevent chances of earth leakage from one another from happening. Some high-priority circuits include security alarms and smoke alarms, but this will depend on a homeowner.

The kind of Consumer Unit

There are various things you will consider before choosing a consumer unit. They include your budget, type, and a number of circuits. These factors ultimately make you for the appropriate consumer unit that will fit your home adequately.

There are three main types of consumer units to choose from: the high integrity consumer unit, main switch consumer unit, and fully loaded consumer units. The three types are effective in meeting different homeowner needs. Electrical Discounted Supplies provides all three types of consumer units at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

The above factors will put you in a better position to pick a consumer unit that is just right for your property. It’s therefore imperative to keep them in mind when searching for a suitable fuse box for your property during the replacement process. Electrical Discounted Supplies is the best place to shop for everything consumer unit. We have metal enclosures main switch consumer units, among other products. The good thing about our product is that they have met the 18th edition regulations and are affordable. Reach out to us today at 01925814404 for a quote or inquiry. We are just a phone call away!