Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs Quick Review

RCBOs are steadily growing as alternatives for the widely-used MCBs and RCCBs. The Residual Current Breaker with Over-Current (RCBO) brings together both functions of the Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) and the Residual Current Circuit breaker (RCCB). And among the many models available, the Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs deserve a closer look.

Today, we’ll take you through a quick overview, a list of features, and additional benefits these RCBOs offers. Let’s begin!


The Schneider Acti 9 RCBO series provides efficient protection over various risks associated with electrical circuits.

It works by disabling the flow of electricity if an unbalance gets detected. This disconnection trigger works for both current overloads and earth leakages that cause short-circuits.

If you’re already familiar with circuit breakers, you know that an MCB and an RCCB can work together to handle these issues. But neither of them can individually fix both issues. Reliable RCBOs can perform both roles through a smaller but more efficient unit.

So, these Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs are the one-stone-two-birds solution in the world of electric circuits.

Functional features

The whole point of the Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs is to bring comprehensive protection for any circuit risks and dangers that exist.

Here’s a brief list of the features that work for your safety and security.

  • For starters, Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs are known for better protection against short-circuits and overloads that plague many electrical systems.
  • Secondly, these RCBOs can protect you and your family against electric shocks. Shocks can come through contact with live wires or indirect contact through a conductor. One is fatal, and the other is painful.

Either way, Schneider’s RCBOs ensure that the current is halted the moment it detects unusual voltage or current. That way, you don’t have to go through that painful buzz even if your home’s circuits experience a mishap.

  • These RCBOs also protect your electrical appliances and equipment from damage or fire whenever there is leakage in the circuits.
  • If it’s a single-phase Acti 9 RCBO, the tripped device does not interrupt the neutral. So, the unit is compatible with most modern circuits (except TT or IT earthing).

Most of these functional features work in other RCBOs too. So, let’s take a look at some key benefits that set Schneider’s RCBOs apart from the competition.

Key Benefits

Schneider Electrical offers a wide range of subtle but standout features that make the Acti 9 RCBO series incredibly efficient such as the C60HC20R30 model. Here are the vital benefits.

  1. The speed of toggle-actuation ensures that the device runs well and long for years to come.
  2. The Acti 9 RCBOs come with IP20 insulated terminals.
  3. Each unit comes with a test-push button.
  4. Schneider’s Acti 9 RCBOs come with a padlocking device for isolation during new installations.
  5. Dismounting is easier and more convenient, thanks to the clocking clip.
  6. The unit’s front part sports a red mechanical indicator. This indicator reveals any fault tripping that the device detects.
  7. Each unit also comes with a remote indication that shows you whether it’s open, close, or tripped.

Final Note

The Schneider Acti 9 RCBO series is undoubtedly one of the best in the market today. So, if you’re looking for an upgrade from an MCB or simply want a safer home, these RCBOs are surely the ones to get!