Why use Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs?

A Residual Current Breaker with Over-Current (RCBO) is a device that performs dual functions of both an MCB and RCD. So, you get a whole range of benefits when you install these units in your home or office.

Among the many brands that manufacture RCBOs, Schneider Electricals offer some stand-out benefits that make them trump the competition.

Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs are among the most efficient units in the industry due to many reasons. Let’s take a look at why these RCBOs make a better option.

Enhanced Protection

The core benefit of Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs is the twin protection. You get protection for overcurrent, which is typically performed by an MCB. And, you get protection for earth leakages, typically handled by an RCCB.

Many modern homes have an MCB and RCCB wherever appropriate. But neither one can perform the other device’s functions. Schneider’s RCBOs will combine both functions in a single component.

Compact and space-saving

Another benefit of RCBOs is the minimal space it occupies. You can create a more compact circuit infrastructure because you’re no longer using individual MCBs and RCCBs in your circuit board. In instances where pole space is restricted, you can install more RCBOs (than MCBs and RCCBs), thanks to their smaller width and size as seen in models like the R9D87816.

Modern homes and offices are all moving towards minimalist and aesthetically pleasing designs. You don’t want prominent circuit boards and wires tangling up in every corner of the house. Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs have subtle designs that you can place in inconspicuous boxes and corners.

Easy installation

A top priority for homeowners is the ease and speed of electrical installation. NO one wants to spend more time than necessary on circuit boards. Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs come with super easy installation procedures. As long as you have essential tools and a working knowledge of basic circuitry, you can get it done quickly and easily.

However, for safety’s sake, we advise you to let a professional handle the installation. It can also prevent faulty wiring that will cause bigger circuit problems in the future.


When you install new electrical components, you want a set-and-forget product that will work without excessive maintenance issues.

The RCBOs made by Schneider have better build quality and construction. Other flimsy products may look the same, but you’ll struggle with replacements and repairs in no time. Whether it’s RCBOs, RCCBs, or MCBs, Schneider’s circuit breakers are made to last, like the R9D87810 model.

Switching Capacity

Schneider Acti 9 RCBOs come with switching capacities that are relatively higher than average MCBs and other circuit breakers. So, it’s better value for money as well as higher efficiency in protection.

The Acti 9 RCBOs come with special switching provisions for short-circuit clearing and short-circuit protection.

All-in-one solution

Finally, the biggest advantage of Schneider’s RCBOs is that they’re a one-stop solution for most circuitry issues. Essentially, an RCBO is equivalent to having multiple protection components on a single unit. So, you get one device that protects people, pets, and property, without the hassle of multiple installations and several components.