Components of a Live Electrical Consumer unit

Have you ever wondered what makes up a consumer unit? It consists of a timer, a main switch, MCBs, and RCDs to form a fuse box. Even though you mostly deal switches around your house, it’s worth noting and understanding how to consumer units work. But first, let’s delve into the components of a LIVE Electrical consumer unit.


It’s among the smart features of the fuse box. You can easily control circuits by automatically turning it off and on by a timer. For example, when you are out on vacation and would wish to turn on and off lights still off—getting a fuse box that has a timer would come in handy at this juncture.

You can set this timer to the recommended time you wish to turn on and off your lights. However, various consumers units do not come with the said device. You can, however, buy one and incorporate it into your consumer unit. It’s important, therefore, to go for enclosures and metal clad that have room for such a device. At Electrical Discounted Supplies is the best place to get such enclosures.

Main Switch

Other components in consumer units are automatic but not the main switch. It requires you to control it manually. However, you wouldn’t operate it too often. The main switch supplies electricity to the house. You will come in contact with the main switch when you are trying to repair faulty electrical lines.

While at it, you’ll first open your panel, locate the main switch and turn it off before embarking on the repairing task. After you are done, you can then switch on the main switch. Before handling any electrical lines, you must ensure that the lines are deactivated.

Residual Current Devices

RCDs will automatically trip when there’s an electrical leakage in your consumer units. You’ll know there’s a problem with the RCDs in the fuse box when lights in a particular room go off while the rest are on. This is your cue to go to the consumer unit, open the live electrical enclosure and locate the tripped RCDs in the fuse box.

You then turn them on, and the lights will come back on. It’s important to check the RCDs regularly by incorporating the push button test to counter-check if they are working correctly. The test will make the RCDs in the consumer unit have earth leakage, thereby making them trip. If they do so, they are in great shape.

Miniature Current Breakers

Something that you will never miss in some consumer units is Miniature Current Breakers. They work the same way RCDs do. Once the trip, you’ll have to turn them on manually. But when there’s a continuous tripping after you’ve turn them on, you must call in an electrician to have them checked.

Wrapping Up

There are various other components you can find in the consumer unit, like RCBOs, which will depend on the type of fuse box you’ve chosen. But the mentioned above will never miss in most consumer units. It’s usually important to buy consumer units that can easily incorporate these items nicely. Electrical Discounted Supplies is the best place to find 18th edition wiring regulation consumer units and enclosures.