A Guide To Selecting The Best Consumer Unit

As you already have an idea, choosing the right consumer unit is very important. Every modern property must have a consumer unit to distribute the right amount of electricity to the various circuits within a property. Therefore, a consumer unit features lots of purposes, and it’s only logical that you settle for the best LIVE Electrical consumer units.

As much as it’s vital to ensure you go for a consumer unit that best suits your electrical application needs, you must also understand its basics.

The Basics of Consumer Units

One of the major purposes of a consumer unit is to allow the use of different circuits, which can also be protected separately by the circuit breaker. For example, your home can have separate electricity supplies for the up and downstairs area. The property may also have an individual electricity supply for its exteriors.

Well! This is where the advantage of consumer units comes in. The unit makes it possible for the different circuits to be easily used for these electrical supplies.

Therefore, consumer units are the central distribution hubs for any electrical supply. It supplies the right wiring system for any electrical source that you may have within your property, household, or building. This includes the lighting, sockets, plugs, and many others.

To choose the best consumer unit, you must therefore consider:

The application of the consumer unit

Initially, these units were referred to as fuse boards, and they were used in housing electrical fuses. However, today things have changed significantly, with miniature circuit breakers replacing the original fuses. You can, therefore, easily reset the MCB if there is an electrical overload with just a simple flick on the switch. Something that was not possible with a fuse as it had to be replaced by an expert, which was a bit expensive.

The consumer unit also allows an individual to disconnect the electricity supply. This is most important in situations where the property owner wishes to safely replace light bulbs, a switch, or even plug sockets.

The Safety of your Property

Any property owner would wish to enhance the safety of their property with the best circuit protection. You can easily use a consumer unit device that offers reliable electrical disconnections. This is mostly vital where there is an occurrence of an actual imbalance or even a disparity within the current of electricity.

Whether you need a small or large consumer Unit

The size of the consumer unit highly depends on the intended application. If you wish to acquire a smaller consumer unit, the garage unit is one of the most popular units available in the market. This unit features single circuit breakers with a residual current device.

Suppose you wish to acquire a larger consumer unit. In that case, you can either choose to settle with a double-stacked unit that offers efficient circuit protection for as many as 32 electrical circuits. However, larger consumer units are more effective in industrial or commercial settings.

Summing Up

All in all, consumer units are altogether vital components within a property. This is since they are the primary electricity distributor with households and property. It’s, therefore, a risk to have a single circuit running through the house without any circuit protection.

At Electrical Discounted Supplies, we understand an effective consumer unit’s importance, usefulness, and impact.