Frequently asked questions about Live Electrical Consumer Units

Any home that has electrical wiring must have a consumer unit. It’s a vital component that acts as a checkpoint for electrical supply from the main electrical point before supplying current to your house. Its role is massive when it comes to the supply of power, and therefore the consumer unit must always be in tip-top shape. Here are a few answered questions that will put you in a better position to know how to deal with a LIVE Electrical consumer unit box.

How Often Should My Fuse Box Get Checked?

The ideal period for checking the consumer unit is after 10 years. But you can check it as often as you want it. There are instances where you’ll be required to check it. For example, if you are trying to sell or buy a house, the mortgage firm will have you check the consumer unit or deny your request.

If it’s a leasing property, then it’s wise to have them checked after 5 years. You can take the opportunity to check and inspect the unit while a tenant moving out or a new one is set to move in.

When Should I Replace My Consumer Unit?

If your consumer unit is not faulty, there’s no need to replace them. But older versions do not meet the 18th edition wiring regulations for consumer units. In this scenario, you need to change them as soon as possible. In this edition, it is required that all Fuse Box have additional RCDs, MCBs, and even RCBOs to make them more secure and prevent fire hazards as well as other electrical faults.

Furthermore, plastic fuse boxes are not considered as safe as those made from metallic clads. Good examples are those supplied by Electrical Discounted Supplies. If you have plastic ones, then you should consider replacing them. The metallic ones are considered safer because it limits the spread of fire when it occurs.

Can I Change My Own Consumer Unit?

DIY enthusiasts may be tempted to undertake the process, but this is not advisable. Leave it for the professionals to do this job. Doing so may put you at risk of getting harmed. Electricians have the experience and knowledge that will ensure efficiency.

If you are upgrading to the latest versions that Electrical Discounted Supplies firm offer, you must with a certified expert. It is only then that these experts will offer you certification as well as copies of records of tests done. After the job is completed, the electrician can give you a certification from a building regulation.

Final Thoughts

The consumer unit is a vital component in an electrical wiring in a home. It’s wise to have it checked on occasion to ensure it is working exceptionally. Working with an experienced electrician will go a long way in ensuring you get satisfactory results. If you wish to acquire consumer units for upgrades, then Electrical Discounted Supplies is the best option.