Types of Live Electrical Consumer Units

When a room in your house doesn’t have a supply of electricity, a light bulb lights up in your head, and you remember you have a fuse box somewhere in your house. This, however, should not be the case. Consumer units need to be checked regularly to keep them running efficiently. These consumer units are of different shapes and sizes, depending on the area where you intend to install them.

Each type consumer unit will however depend on the kind of application at hand. Its therefore important to ensure you have abetter understanding on the the different types of consumer units. Here are various types of LIVE electrical fuse boxes with examples.

Split Load Consumer Units

Its famously known as high integrity consumer unit. It’s a combination of Residual Current Breaker Over Current (RCBOs) and Residual Current Devices (RCDs). The single pole’s MCBs are secured by the Residual Current Devices, while the main switch controls the RCBOs. It has proven to be the better fuse box when compared to the simple consumer unit, dual RCDs consumer unit, and RCD consumer unit.

It provides overcurrent, overload, earth leakage together with short-circuit. The components needed to make a split load consumer unit include 2poles RCDs, a consumer unit, two poles main switch MCB, 3 RCBOs, and 3single poles of MCBs. To house such units you’ll have to use massive metal-clad like the live-electrical-mcu22m-sp-22-way metal-clad-surge-protection-consumer-unit-100a-main-switch/

RCDs Consumer Units

RCDs stands for Residual Current Devices. The consumer unit will work in such a way that if the RCDs senses a leakage, there’s an automatic cut in power supply. Therefore, as the property owner, you are protected against electric shocks, together with damage to the electrical appliance and the circuit. They are smaller in capacity and size than its counterparts.

They are excellent when you want to separate consumer units for your storehouse, garden, and garage. You will not need a massive consumer unit for the main house as the smaller ones will work perfectly fine. Examples of such units are 3 way or 5ways. A good housing example for such units  is the  Live Electrical 4 Way Metal Clad 100A Main Switch.

Dual RCDs Consumer Units

These types are a cost-effective way to meet the seventh edition of wiring regulations. They protect two banking circuits from earth leakage with the use of two Residual Current Devices. They comprises of several MCBs and two RCDs. It can create 10 to 15 usable ways. The best Din rail housing for such units include the Live Electrical MCU10M-SP 10 Way Metal Clad Surge Protection Consumer Unit.

Final Note

The type of LIVE electrical consumer unit you go for will depend on various factors. For instance, the size and layout of your property, number of buildings, outbuildings, expected load level, and other factors.  Whichever consumer unit box you go for with your needs in mind, at Electrical Discounted Supplies is your trusted firm when it comes to these enclosures and boxes. We only offer those that meet the 18th edition regulatory standards. Our aim is to ensure we are in a position to offer the most reliable information in regards to consumer units.