Importance of Live Electrical Consumer Units

Popularly known as fuse boxes, consumer units play a significant role in preventing fires in a home. It controls and distributes electricity in your home. This makes them vital gadgets that should never miss on a property. They somewhat act like a checkpoint, where electricity passes through from the mainline to your property. So, what other importance do live electrical consumer units play?

Circuit Protection

The fuse box has circuit protective devices that ensure electrical devices’ safe and smooth running. It also protects them from impact and dust. We install the fuse boxes in such a way that when your property is receiving more current or has shocks due to faulty electrical lines. They have metallic enclosures to protect these electrical devices. We have excellent enclosures in store including:

  1. Live Electrical 5 Way Empty DIN Rail Metal Enclosure with Lid
  2. Live Electrical EMCU4-SP 4 Way Mini Metal Surge Protection with 100A Main Switch Consumer Unit Enclosure.
  3. Live Electrical IP65 8 Way Populated 100A Plastic Garage Consumer Unit Enclosure

Protection from Fires

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are safety switches that are put inside the fuse box to monitor the gravity of the electrical supply. They prevent fires that are caused by insulating faults in the consumer unit. The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) recommends always putting Arc Fault Detection Devices to prevent fires.

Prevents Spread of Fires

Our live electrical consumer units meet the set (IET) regulation, which states that consumer units must be manufactured from a non-inflammable material. The reason for this is to be able to contain any fires that erupt in the consumer unit in the event they occur. It will limit the spread of the fire and deter any substance that can fuel its spread.

These devices are mostly made of plastic, and when there is a short fuse or current on the fuse box. It can easily burn the plastic, releasing toxins. It is, therefore, to put the consumer unit in away from the escape route like the hallway or below the stairs.

Protection from Electrical Shocks

Our consumer units for a home have additional safety measures, which are the Residual Current Devices (RCD). They will protect you from electrical shocks, and they measure in milliamps (mA). They are more sensitive than circuit breakers and fuses.

Two RCDs are put in a circuit to protect various circuits within an installation. It will limit the further danger to the user in the event of a fault. For example, the electrical connection of upstairs and downstairs are separated by two RCDs. If one Residual Current Device fails to work, the other will continue to work, ensuring you, the consumer, is not in total darkness.

Wrapping Up

Consumer units are vital components in a residential and commercial building. Understanding how they work plus having basic knowledge about them will go a long way in ensuring you prevent electrical hazards.

Electrical Discounted Supplies offers a myriad of consumer units for various spaces. It’s a one-stop online shop for everything live electrical fuse boxes. Depending on the type of installation you wish to undertake, whether a residential or commercial building, we’ve got all you need when it comes to consumer units.