How to Install a Schneider RCBO

After deciding to buy a Schneider RCBO, you must also know how to install it into your distribution box. However, no one can perform a function without prior education or knowledge. So we’re here to provide you with the necessary instructions you need. Consider it a quick training session for future applications.

So without further ado, let’s learn how to install a Schneider RCBO!

Pre-installation checklist

Make sure that the RCBO you bought is a ’10mA protection’ and has a 25A current rating. The unit has to be SIRIM certified (have a SIRIM label) and also A-type protection. Ensure that there are two types of Termination; Incoming and Outgoing. You will need two cables—a red one for Phase installation and a black one for Neutral. An appropriate type of screwdriver is also required to tighten or loosen the RCBO. And finally, a test pen to ensure that the power availability has been cut off after turning off the main supply. You’ll also need the pen to check currents before using the screwdriver.

Ensure your safety

Open the distribution box that covers your MCB and RCCB. Identify the connections of the MCB. You will have to check whether the wiring is connected properly to ensure that the RCBO works appropriately. After identification, turn off the MCB. For safety purposes, use a test pen to check power availability at outgoing and incoming of the MCB. After making sure that the current is not flowing, loosen the screws of the MCB using a screwdriver.

Installation of the RCBO

Remove the MCB. Replace it by installing an RCBO. Attach the cabling to the corresponding terminal and tighten it with a screwdriver. Connect the earth wire from the RCBO to the bar and tighten it again with the screwdriver. You may then proceed to switch on the power of the RCBO and the connected equipment. You can check on the installation by flicking the RCBO test button and ensuring that the connection trips. The terminal may have to be reconnected in some instances.

Wiring of the RCBO

The first step, make sure that the power supply is disconnected. Attach a PE cable to the earth bar. The power cables must be connected to the top of the isolator. Position the Phase cable to the left of the terminal and the Neutral cable to the right side. The next step, cut the Busbar to the appropriate length. Then connect it to the bottom of the isolator and RCBO. Connect a neutral cable from the bottom of the isolator to the earth bar. Before you do this, cover the earth wire using earth sleeving. Then, attach the live wire to the terminal ‘L’ out and Neutral wire to terminal ‘N’ out. Cut the wiring to the appropriate length and connect the earth lead to the corresponding bar. Continue the process and attach the neutral supply lead to the appropriate bar.