Everything You Need to Know About the Schneider Acti9 RCBO

Using electrical appliances day to day can be a tricky business. We are often unaware of the dangers we might bring upon ourselves. Such hazards may either arise from our carelessness or things that are beyond our control. A nail to the wall for hanging a portrait may cause an earth leakage. A lightning strike could cause an over-current. A short circuit could start a fire, which can have severe consequences.

You simply do not want to come across such incidents.

To safeguard yourself and your property, we present to you, The Schneider Acti9 RCBO.

What is a Schneider Acti9 RCBO

An MCB and an RCCB are both devices that protect us from electrical hazards. However, the capability of these devices is limited. Each device can only protect against one type of danger. On the other hand, the RCBO is a multi-faceted device. It can defend against earth leakages as well as over-currents. RCBO or Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent is designed to provide upgraded protection so that electrical circuits may operate safely. When there is an imbalance in the voltage, the device turns on a disconnection trigger, immediately fixing the issue.

What are the uses of the Schneider acti9 RCBO?

An RCBO is capable of protecting from both current overloads and short-circuits. It is effective in protecting the user against an electrical shock in case of direct contact. If preserving your life is not enough, the Schneider Acti9 RCBO can also save your house. Since the RCBO protects against indirect contact as well, it reduces the risk of fires. With this device, your property is safe and sound. Also, the Schneider Acti9 RCBO is the same size as an Acti9 MCB, this helps to saves a lot of space especially with models like the Acti 9 iC60H A9D31806.

Should you invest your money in the Schneider acti9 RCBO?

The answer to the question is yes! Society’s demand for the evolution of technology in all fields is constant and ever-increasing. An example of this continuous demand is practicability. Each passing year brings increased expectation in efficiency, with a decrease in size and price.

The RCBO, as mentioned, is a single device that serves the purpose of two. The importance of RCBOs lies not only in their practicality; but also in security. In the Schneider Acti9 RCBO, the quality of the product has not been compromised. The company has and always does live up to its standard especially when with something like the A9D11806 RCBO.

Key Benefits that set the Schneider acti9 RCBO apart from all the rest

The device has a speed toggle actuation system which ensures that the RCBO is efficient and long-lasting. The product comes equipped with a test-push button. It is quite user-friendly as the presence of a clocking clip makes dismounting much easier. The Schneider RCBO can detect and reveal fault ripping through a red mechanical indicator placed in the front.

With even more features, this device is simply the best! With this RCBO installed, you can be safe and carefree. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.