Different finishes of BG Nexus switches and sockets you should try

There is a vast selection of BG Nexus switches and sockets that you can choose from, and that is why you need to make sure that you pick the best one. There are a lot of finishes but you need to pick the one that you think will suit you the most and that is why you need to know all about the different finishes that you can choose from. To give you an idea about what you have to select from, below are some of the most popular finishings.

Brushed steel

There is a wide range of different brushed steel switches and sockets you can choose from, and the best part is that with this colour, you can easily pair it up with many different appliances at your home like a shaver socket – with the NBS20G Brushed Steel Dual Voltage Shaver Socket. The plates are all lightly lacquered, so you would not have to worry about them having any marks. Fingerprints will not get on it, so you would never have to clean it up as it will remain that way for a long time. It also comes with a warranty, so you can just enjoy it throughout.

Black nickel

The black nickel finishing of the BG Nexus switches and sockets is another thing you should look out for. It is stunning and classic so that you can put it on a white wall, and it would look unique. It will easily complement your furniture and appliances and give you that classic look. It is also very shiny, so you would not have to worry about any finger marks on it. It will give you that stylish look that will surely suit your home no matter what theme you have been aiming for with the NBNTM1 Black Nickel telephone socket.

Polished chrome

The polished chrome finish gives a modern but classic look that easily compliments your interior decor. It gives a lot of different benefits to your home, including a lacquer finish that can prevent any fingertip marks from transferring to it. You get a large selection of this, so you can choose the one that you think looks best such as the NPC53 Polished Chrome 13 Amp switched fused connection spur unit. You would not even have to worry about anything at all when you choose this one. It gives you a stunning look for the finishing, and you can place it anywhere inside your home or your office.

Matte black

Another finishing option that you want to try out for would be the BG Nexus switches and sockets matte black one as it gives you a good range of accents and has many features. The best part is that you do not have to worry so much about any fingerprint appearance, even if it happens to be matte, because it is very lightly lacquered, and you can just enjoy everything. It is easy to install, and the colour-coded terminals help you to do that. You get a good range of choices, and you will also be able to make sure that it is of high quality since you get a warranty on it.