Different BG Nexus switches and sockets to choose from

When you are setting up your house, there are a lot of things that you will need. From furniture to appliances to switches and a lot more, you will need to ensure that you will be getting only the best of the best. When it comes to switches and sockets, the best choice you can make is to get one of BG Nexus switches and sockets. There are many of them that you can choose from, and to help you learn more about them, here are some of the things you can get.

BG Nexus Polished Chrome 4

This product is of superior quality and features a modern look combined with its slim profile and softly rounded corners. It is a perfect addition to your room or your office to get a stylish look. It has a lightly lacquered surface, which helps prevent any smudges and fingerprints from always looking shiny and clean. It is suitable for use on all Euro fit models and has a 25-year guarantee that will be a great buy. You would never have to worry about it tarnishing, and it will be everything you can expect from this famous brand.

BG Nexus Chrome 2

Out of all BG Nexus switches and sockets, this BG Nexus NPCEMS2 Polished Chrome 2 gives you a fresh look. It is easy to install since they have colour-coded fixing screws, and you also get 25 years of manufacturer guarantee, so you can be assured that it is of high quality. You get a shiny chrome with this one, and it has rounded corners which is perfect for those looking to have a modern look on their wall. It can be placed in your house or your office.

BG Nexus Chrome Telephone socket

You want nothing but the best, and that is why you need to get yourself a BG Nexus polished chrome telephone socket. This one fits on your wall boxes with a minimum mounting of 35mm needed. It is covered in the 25-year manufacturer warranty, so that is something that you ought to keep in mind when you plan on buying. You get lacquered surface on this one, so you would have no problem holding it since it prevents smudges and fingerprints. You also get no visible plastic on the entire switch, so you get a sleek look to it.

Bg Nexus Switch with Neon indicator

BG Nexus NPC74 switch with a neon indicator is of superior quality and has a neon switch perfect for your home and your business. It has no visible plastic around the switch, and it comes with a red rocker switch with this slimline indicator. It is especially helpful when it comes to putting it in a place where you want to easily notice it in case the light goes out. It gives you that stylish vibe that is perfect for your place. You will enjoy having it around with its retrofitting and has a mounting depth of 47mm. It is a great choice from the BG Nexus switches and sockets collection.