What are the differences between MCB, RCCB, RCD, and RCBO?

Coming from the same source, all members of this family of circuit breakers have common traits. However, Each entity has a unique set of features and characteristics. Their capabilities are utilized to fulfil a purpose. This holds meaning and adds reason to their being.

RCBOs, MCBS, RCCBs and RCDs all come from the same family tree.

Like all siblings, they too are very much alike in their personalities. All four devices are designed to protect us from electrical dangers and function similarly. They check the flow of current and disconnect themselves in case of an abnormality, eliminating the risk of unexpected threats.

While these devices are very similar to each other, not all of them work the same way.

Comparing RCBOs with RCCBs

Residual current circuit breakers, or RCCBs, are different from Schneider RCBOs in two aspects. RCCB specializes only in protection against earth leakages. Unlike its younger brother, it is virtually useless against short circuits. This greatly increases the chance of fires.

In order to safeguard against short circuits, an external circuit breaker (MCB) has to be installed. While on the other hand, the RCBO can perform both functions on its own.

Comparing RCBOs with MCBs

Miniature circuit breakers, or Schneider MCBs, can only protect against short circuits, while RCBOs, as we know, can deal with both. Also, when it comes to earth leakages and electric shocks, MCBs fall a bit short in this area. However, MCBs can be used together with RCCBs to combine their functions. Through this combination, a duplicate variant of the RCBO can be achieved.

Comparing RCBOs with RCDs

A Residual Current Device, or Schneider RCD, uses the Live and Neutral wires to monitor the current. While protecting us from electrical shocks, it fails to do so in the case of short circuits. RCD has its own set of handy features. For example, an RCD will not trip out when the standard rate has been exceeded. Instead, it will display the level of imbalance required for the device to actually trip over.

Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent protection

Electric shocks? Check! Short circuits? Double-check! Earth leakages? No worries, mate! This bad boy has got the solution for all your electrical worries!

The RCBO is an evolved form of an RCD or RCCB. With a combination of both MCB and RCCB, an RCBO is bred to have enhanced capabilities. The device can protect against all types of electrical dangers. The hybrid nature of the device gives it an edge over its brothers.

Most users prefer the combination of MCBs and RCCBs, which is more budget-friendly. However, this alternative takes a heavy toll on its quality.

As a result, RCBOs are quickly settling into peoples homes, as it is obviously the best choice.