Types Of BG Nexus Switches & Sockets

The connection systems for switches and sockets have evolved so much over the years that they are now nearly completely enclosed at the rear of the socket or switch, with just access for the electrical input wires, allowing the whole working section of the switch to be fully insulated. This insulation has allowed conducting elements such as the different metal fascia’s seen on a conventional Nexus metal socket or switch to be covered on the front facia of the switches.

This shift has permitted the emergence of a variety of entire metal socket and switch types, ranging from basic clean-lined slim-line designs to intricate antique scroll patterns. Instead of having a socket or switch that is just a functional item to be hidden as much as possible, the interior designer now has much more design freedom, and instead of having a socket or switch that is just a functional item to be hidden as much as possible, it can now be exposed to show off its design features. The electrical equipment’s safety is not jeopardized since any switching is handled by a metal switch that operates a secondary plastic or insulated toggle that creates the electrical connection remotely while keeping the operator entirely safe.

Weatherproof switches and sockets provide a safe and easy power source for your outdoor equipment when placed on the wall. These plugs are weatherproofed to IP66 standards, ensuring that they are protected from the elements. These accessories include an appealing grey polycarbonate casing that will not fracture or fade with time.

The BG Nexus waterproof line has an IP rating and is meant to keep dust and water out. They’re IP66-rated, plug-in and cover-sealed, and feature various knock-outs on the mounting box to make installation easier. With its attractive smoked cover design, the BG Nexus waterproof line is ideal for your garden.

Decorative switches and sockets are available for purchase online at discounted costs. These are from the BG Nexus Metal series, which is a reputable manufacturer of wire accessories with a 25-year warranty. Brushed steel, polished chrome, black nickel, and antique brass finishes are available to match any interior decor. We recognize that the smallest details may make a difference, which is why many sockets come with a variety of insert colours.

These are just a few of their amazing characteristics, which include a sleek slim design and a lightly coated surface to eliminate fingerprints and smudges. From light switches to USB ports, dimmer switches to fused spur units, there’s something for everyone.

As a result, in practice, a brushed steel switch like the NBS53 is safer than a plastic one. Furthermore, all contemporary houses and flats must be equipped with a distribution board that has Residual Current Devices (RCDs), which turn the power off in milliseconds in the case of an electrical malfunction, preventing you from getting electrocuted. Brushed metal switches and sockets look fantastic in almost any space since they have a neutral appearance and can therefore blend in with a wide range of decor, which means you won’t have to alter any of your electrical fittings in the future if you decide to remodel.