Difference between MCB, RCCB, and the Schneider Acti 9 RCBO

The Schneider Acti 9 RCBO gives protection from current overloads and short circuits from earth leakages. Because it serves both purposes in one device, it has become an ideal replacement for MCB’s and RCCB’s. Deemed as a high-performing device, especially with household appliances, RCBO’s have become electrical contractor’s favourite.

To better understand the functioning of RCBO’s, let us look into the difference between MCB, RCCB, and RCBO.

By definition

MCB stands for Miniature Circuit Breakers. It is an electrical device that automatically switches off electrical circuits whenever there is an imbalance in the current flow. It works in conditions when the imbalance of electric flow is due to overload and short circuits.

RCCB stands for Residual Current Circuit Breaker. It is an electrical device that protects earth current leakage. It also provides protection from electrocution and fires from faulty wires. The device switches off whenever there is earth leakage detected.

RCBO stands for Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent protection. The device provides protection against overloading, short circuits, and leakage of earth fault current. Whenever the device detects residual current or earth current and electrical overcurrent fault, it switches off automatically.

By function

In terms of function, the MCB protects wires or cables and installed circuits leading to all appliances at home. It protects against overcurrent and short circuits but not against electric shock.

The RCCB devices help secure life. It does not protect from overcurrent and safeguard from short circuits or overloading. But it provides protection from electric shocks. It is meant for exclusive protection of earth leakage. You will require the installation of a current breaker for protection against overcurrent and overloading.

The RCBO is a device that gives complete protection from overcurrent, short circuits, and even electric shock. It is a device that can perform the functions of both the MCB and RCCB.

Individually the MCB and RCCB cannot fully handle issues related to current overloads and earth leakages. RCBO’s as such can perform both issues related to an electric circuit in a single smaller efficient unit. For secure and full protection, it is advised to install either an RCBO or a combination of MCB and RCCB. Installation of such a device will secure people and property.

The Schneider Acti 9 RCBO’s functions

Here is a brief comparison of the functionality between Schneider RCBO’s with other brands like Siemens and Eaton RCBO’s.

Schneider RCBO’s provides protection against short-circuits, cable overloads, shock by direct and indirect contact, and fires by leakage currents. Eaton provides safe, reliable and high performance. Siemens RCBO’s have clear and visible conductor connections and rather ample wiring space for easy insertion. That ensures safe and reliable operations.

The Schneider Acti 9 RCBO as such can be understood as a great investment. Besides it being an efficient device against electrical cost, it is economically cost-effective. Its ability to perform both functions of the MCB and RCCB gives it an edge over the other. So, if you choose the Schneider Acti 9 RCBO, it will be like killing two birds with one stone.