Brushed Steel Finish in Electrical Units

The brushed steel finish is a good match for the electrical units. It is cool, contemporary, and modern.

The brushed steel finish is also popular in the architectural industry. This is because it helps to make your home building or construction project stand out visually from the rest of the buildings around it.

Brushed steel finishes are often used in the architectural and decorative sectors. They come in a variety of colours and textures, which makes them a versatile finish to use in residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

When you have to select the correct type for your project, you need to consider three main factors: type of surface, finish, and colour.

When you visit a hardware store, you will see a variety of electrical units available. These come in various forms and sizes. When it comes to selecting the correct type for your project, it is vital to know what type of unit you need.

Different Types of Brushed Steel Finish:

There are three types of brushed steel finish that can be found in electrical units, like brushed steel dimmer light switches. They are polished, flat-brushed, and brushed-steel painted.

The polished finish is the most reflective; it looks shiny but has a matte feel. The satin finish is the least reflective, giving off a soft shine.

The flat-brushed finish is not too reflective and looks more natural than polished or brushed-steel painted finishes.

It is imperative to understand the important difference between brushed steel finish and other finishes that may be used for electrical units.

A brushed steel finish is a type of brushed surface made of steel with a dull finish. This can be done on any type of metal but is usually used for electrical units because it does not rust as easily as other types of finishes.

Each type of brushed steel finish has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, a satin finish is more difficult to clean than a polished finish. When selecting the correct type for your project, you should consider the amount of time that will be spent cleaning up after the project and its intended use.

Other finishes

There are a variety of different finishes that can be applied to electrical units depending on the specific project or the needs at hand. So what options are available? Let’s take a look at some different ones:

  • Polish only: This is easy to apply and gives an attractive finish, but will often leave scratches over time and doesn’t provide much protection against corrosion.
  • Oil rubbed: It is not applicable to electrical appliances
  • Satin Finish: This is the cheapest option because it is less likely to show dirt or dust quickly. However, this type is prone to scratching and corroding over time. When used in commercial spaces, touchless faucets are easy to clean. However, there is more of a risk when it comes to dealing with residential settings due to their build-up.